Sealed Ducts Are a Major Improvement

May 8th, 2023

Let’s do an experiment. In one scenario, you’ve got a plastic bottle filled with air that’s sealed tight with a cap. In the second scenario, you’ve got an almost identical bottle filled with the same amount of air and sealed as well. The only difference is that the second bottle is riddled with scratches, holes, and rips.

To demonstrate this to your kids, you can even safely poke holes in the bottle with a fork or a pair of safety scissors. Then you can ask the question, “which bottle is more sealed up?” The answer is the bottle without the holes, and when you squeeze it, that should be evident.

Your air ducts are very similar to this experiment. When they’re in better shape and more sealed up, they can help transfer heated or cooled air more efficiently. Duct sealing is just one of the many duct services in Barron, WI that we offer. But we’ll get into greater detail about the benefits of this service.

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When Is the Best Time to Replace a Furnace?

April 24th, 2023

Right now! That’s right, springtime is one of the best seasons to replace a furnace, especially if it’s on its way out already. This is because you’ve got several months before you really need to rely on it to keep your home safe and comfortable.

But what if you don’t have the money right now for this kind of furnace service in Spooner, WI? Well, then things can get a bit tricky, but no need to stress out. This blog post is designed to help you know everything you need to about furnace replacement and the signs that it’s imminent.

For instance, if your furnace still has a few years left on it, then why bother trying to replace it now? We’ll help you understand the signs of a failing furnace, and then give you some tips for replacing it now rather than later.

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Stop These Three Contaminants in Their Tracks

April 10th, 2023

Are you a horror movie aficionado? Or perhaps you’re more of a suspense-thriller kind of person? Those movies have a general trend of some kind of monster chasing after a core group of characters as they try to escape or uncover the plot. It’s a formula at this point, but it definitely works.

Similarly, contaminants are a type of monster that lives in your air. The more contaminants there are, the sicker and more uncomfortable you might get.

Sure, they might not look scary (in fact, you can’t see them at all), but that makes them even more frightening. A virus or bacteriophage floating around in the air can be a serious problem, even if it’s invisible to the naked eye.

Well, like a protagonist in a horror movie, it’s time to escape and figure out a plan to beat the monster. One of those ways is with air purifier service in Barron, WI. Get your old air purifier fixed or replaced, and watch those contaminants get eliminated!

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Does the Brand of AC Matter?

March 27th, 2023

Yes! Every air conditioner is manufactured by a company, no matter which model you choose. Only a factory with enough machinery and employees is going to be able to build such a technologically advanced system like an AC unit.

This means that you’re bound to choose one of many different branded air conditioners, and some of them are going to be better than others.

Is this a blog where we’re going to tell you what brands are good and which ones are bad? No. This is subjective and you’ll find people with bad experiences all over the place. But what we will say is that certain brands give people better experiences more often, and that means any technician that is certified to work with that brand can be trusted as well.

The brand of your air conditioner in Barron, WI matters, and today we’re going to talk about why.

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It’s Time to Switch From Oil to Gas

March 13th, 2023

There was a time that oil heaters were very common in the United States, but that time has come and gone. There’s pretty much nothing that an oil furnace can do that a natural gas furnace can’t do better and cheaper than its older counterparts.

There’s a very good reason why the most common appliance in the country these days is a gas furnace.

Today, we’d like to highlight a few reasons why you might want to consider ditching your old oil heating system for a newer, more efficient natural gas one.

Gas is better for a variety of reasons, and oil is quickly becoming out of style except for a few niche homes or buildings where they don’t have access to natural gas.

For all of our residential customers looking to invest in a new heating replacement in Barron, WI, consider switching to a gas furnace for the following reasons.

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Will My Basement Get Too Cold for My Furnace?

February 27th, 2023

This is an interesting question and one that our customers can sometimes ask. It makes sense when you think about it–a furnace is designed to heat the rest of your home, but there are no real air vents in your basement or crawlspace where the furnace actually is. Can it freeze up and get too cold to function?

Well, surprisingly, yes! A furnace can get too cold and freeze up, but thanks to some rough ingenuity by a professional like the ones on our team, you can avoid this problem entirely.

You see, there are several different things that a pro can do to ensure that the basement or crawlspace remains relatively warm, without having to install any new systems or high tech gadgets.

Keep reading to learn about this nifty duct service in Barron, WI, but make sure you give our team a call if you think your furnace is in danger of freezing up this winter.

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When Might You Need an HRV or ERV?

February 13th, 2023

HRV and ERV systems, also known as heat and energy recovery ventilators, or often forgotten about systems that we specifically install in homes that might need them.

They’re extremely helpful and can answer an ancient question that people have been asking since home comfort was invented–how can I get fresh air when it’s too cold or hot outside?

Fresh air is somewhat of a luxury. We think of warm, tropical climates when we envision a home that has access to tropical air.

Or, many customers in our area just wait for the fall, winter, or spring to finish up before opening the windows to enjoy some crisp, outside air. But what if we told you that it didn’t need to be like that?

Fresh air can be accessed all year round, and you can get it with a simple system installation. Keep reading to learn how an HRV in or ERV system in Barron, WI can help you achieve maximum comfort and relaxation in your home.

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3 Tips to Retain Your Home’s Heat

January 30th, 2023

At this time of the year, it can be easy to focus directly on your heating system.

The heater takes the spotlight as it’s really the center of the whole show.

It creates heat that you can feel and then you get to enjoy the better parts of winter with comfortable temperatures indoors.

However, what if we told you that your heating system is just one part of an extensive system of parts?

From ductwork to insulation, and even to the humidity control in your home, your heater is not going to be able to keep your home entirely comfortable without proper services in all of those categories.

If you’re not sure about whether to call for heating repair in Barron, WI, or for one of these additional services to help improve your heat, then you can get started by reading this blog. We can help differentiate the tools required to keep a home comfortable and cozy.

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Why Choose Dirks?

January 16th, 2023

Let’s face it: there are a lot of HVAC companies out there fighting for your attention. From small amateur teams that offer the cheapest prices, to large companies that serve wide areas and several metropolitan locations, it’s overwhelming to be a homeowner in need of professional service.

That’s why we’re writing this blog today. We need to take a knife and cut through all of the internet noise to find the good stuff.

HVAC service in Barron, WI doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t need to be something you have to spend hours researching before you make the right call. The right call should be obvious from the get-go.

We’d argue that our team is the one to call for a wide variety of reasons. So, let’s talk about what some of those reasons might be.

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3 Holiday Surprises That Will Make You Smile

December 19th, 2022

We know that this blog can get a little bit bogged down with expensive purchases, services, and things that aren’t necessarily exciting to customers. While we might get giddy over explaining a furnace component to our friends and family members, customers want to know what they’ll get out of the situation, aside from just comfy heat. Well, this blog is for you!

We mean that. There are some things on the horizon that look really good for customers who might be exploring an HVAC upgrade, from a heating and cooling system for year-round comfort, or for a powerful fuel-efficient gas furnace that will get the job done every winter. With the Inflation Reduction Act, the SEER2 program, and some major manufacturer initiatives, we think this might be a great time for those who need a heating installation in Barron, WI. Just make sure you contact an expert when the time comes!

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