What Causes An AC Compressor To Explode?

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What Causes An AC Compressor To Explode?

Air conditioners do not in general, burst. New coolants have been created that are a gas combination, with some containing propane or butane. These novel combinations are being used in automobiles. The perceived risk is placing a car with the new refrigerant in a confined garage with leakage and an open flame, similar to a gas heating system.

However, if you suspect a scare of an explosion, consider the following points of concern or look for an AC service near me that is experienced in solving the issues or at least consulting you appropriately for what is to be done next –

  • Electrical Issues

An equipment malfunction can create a buildup of acids, which can cause significant damage to other elements in addition to the compressor. If a compressor fails, the owner should ensure that the technician examines the presence of these acids. If such is discovered, an electrical failure has probably triggered damage across the unit that is not worth repairing. In such cases, look for options like HVAC service near me to get it replaced and removed.

However, when an expert technician inspects the system, electrical issues are frequently avoidable. They can detect and replace broken wire, fuses, and connectors before affecting the system failure and the AC compressor to malfunction and possibly explode.

  • Inadequate Lubricant (oil)

The oil lubricant in the air conditioning unit is analogous to blood in the body. If there is insufficient lubrication, the system cannot function correctly, and a variety of issues, including Air conditioner compressor failure and explosion, can occur. To avoid this problem, a qualified AC specialist should check the oil quantities and the quality of the fuel pump regularly.

  • Refrigerant Load is Low

The air conditioning unit leaks refrigerant if the machine’s refrigerant lines develop holes or break. After a period, the level drops to where the compressor needs to work harder to push enough refrigerant through the unit to chill the room. The pressure might potentially cause the compressor to fail and explode.

On the other hand, an unqualified individual operates on the air conditioning unit and unintentionally adds far too much. The wrong sort of refrigerant can become a fatal mistake for the compressor.

  • Suction Line Clogs

When the refrigerant lines in an air conditioning unit get clogged or damaged, the first issue observed is that the machine is not chilling as efficiently. If the situation is not resolved, call for an AC repair near me because the rising pressure and heat cause overheating and the malfunction of the AC compressor.

  • Filthy Coils

Whenever dust, dirt, and mineral scales accumulate on the condenser coil, the air conditioning system cannot evacuate enough heat generated, forcing it to operate continually to chill the room. Because of the higher temperature and pressure, the compressor may overheat and explode.


Now that you understand the causes of a severe compressor explosion keep the above points in mind while using an AC. If you are looking for AC repair near me or AC service near me, contact Dirks Heating & Cooling Inc. on (715)-537-3990 for expert servicing and maintenance options for air conditioning units.

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