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It’s Time to Switch From Oil to Gas


There was a time that oil heaters were very common in the United States, but that time has come and gone. There’s pretty much nothing that an oil furnace can do that a natural gas furnace can’t do better and cheaper than its older counterparts.

There’s a very good reason why the most common appliance in the country these days is a gas furnace.

Today, we’d like to highlight a few reasons why you might want to consider ditching your old oil heating system for a newer, more efficient natural gas one.

Gas is better for a variety of reasons, and oil is quickly becoming out of style except for a few niche homes or buildings where they don’t have access to natural gas.

For all of our residential customers looking to invest in a new heating replacement in Barron, WI, consider switching to a gas furnace for the following reasons.

No Bulky Deliveries

There aren’t really any residential oil pipelines that leads to houses. That infrastructure was never built and it’s probably good that it wasn’t. However, this means that any homeowner with an oil heater would have to get it delivered via truck, which can be a huge hassle. This means waiting for inconvenient deliveries, and potentially being without heat when a bad storm rolls through and the deliveries can’t be made properly.

A gas-powered furnace is going to operate a lot more reliably than an oil one. This system draws on natural gas that comes through an underground pipeline, which is connected directly to your local municipality and the gas source. This means that it will be exceptionally rare for you to ever run out of gas when your heating system uses it.

Efficiency and Power

Gas furnaces are incredibly efficient these days, with AFUE Ratings that go above and beyond what older systems used to reach. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, and its rating that details how much of the burned gas is being used for heat.

The closer to 100, the more efficient the heating system is. Many natural gas furnaces run at 90 AFUE and above, which is incredibly good when you compare them to old wood-burning furnaces that run at 40-60 AFUE.


Nearly all of the natural gas that we use in our homes comes locally sourced. The United States is an abundant location for gas resources, and we’ve taken the time to responsibly build the infrastructure to handle it.

This means that you can feel good knowing that you’re using American gas that is controlled and sourced by your local municipality, rather than being shipped to you from overseas.

It’s Clean Burning

Natural gas is a clean burning fuel when used for heating. What this means is that very few contaminants come from the burning of this material when compared to other fuel sources like wood or oil.

Natural gas still releases dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, but those fumes can easily be jettisoned out of your home through a port exhaust.

If you’ve ever cooked with a gas stove, you’ll know that they’re very safe to be around and you won’t have to deal with smoke as much as with other fuel sources.

Contact Dirks Heating & Cooling, LLC to invest in a gas furnace as a replacement for your old oil furnace. Experience the Dirks Difference. 

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