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Sealed Ducts Are a Major Improvement

Let’s do an experiment. In one scenario, you’ve got a plastic bottle filled with air that’s sealed tight with a cap. In the second scenario, you’ve got an almost identical bottle filled with the same amount of air and sealed as well. The only difference is that the second bottle is riddled with scratches, holes, and rips.
Sealed Ducts Are a Major Improvement | Dirk's Heating and Cooling Inc
To demonstrate this to your kids, you can even safely poke holes in the bottle with a fork or a pair of safety scissors. Then you can ask the question, “which bottle is more sealed up?” The answer is the bottle without the holes, and when you squeeze it, that should be evident.
Your air ducts are very similar to this experiment. When they’re in better shape and more sealed up, they can help transfer heated or cooled air more efficiently. Duct sealing is just one of the many duct services in Barron, WI that we offer. But we’ll get into greater detail about the benefits of this service.

Keep Airflow Where You Can Feel It

Your HVAC system relies on air to keep your home comfortable. It heats or cools the air of your home, which is why it feels as cozy and comfy as it is. Without proper airflow, it’s impossible for your home to feel like that, and you’ll be looking into AC repair or replacement, when the true culprit is your air ducts.
Over time, air ducts can develop gaps, leaks, holes, tears, and other areas where the air leaks out of them. This is completely natural since air ducts can expand and contract season after season, due to the quick change in temperature. Unfortunately, just because this problem is natural, doesn’t mean it isn’t bad.
Do yourself a favor and get your ducts sealed, so you avoid this problem entirely.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is a major metric for your HVAC system. The more efficient it runs, the less energy it uses and the less per month you have to pay for it. Every appliance has an efficiency level, even your car! If you take your car to the gas station and pay less for gas, you’d consider that a win, right?
Well, sealed ducts can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home. Your system doesn’t have to use as much energy to keep rooms comfortable because your sealed air ducts easily bring the heating and cooling to where it needs to be.

Better Performance and Less System Strain

Your air conditioner or heater is designed to last. But if it’s running in a drafty home without sealed air ducts, then you’re in for a bad time. Your HVAC system has a chance of reaching its full potential and lifespan as long as the parts around it are in good shape, including the air ducts.
Get better performance from your system and less stress on the vital components with an air traversal system that’s tightly sealed.

Experience the Dirks Difference. Contact Dirks Heating & Cooling Inc for Air Duct Sealing Services.

Sealed Ducts Are a Major Improvement | Dirk's Heating and Cooling Inc

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