What Is The Recommended AC Temperature During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

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What Is The Recommended AC Temperature During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 hit us from out of nowhere; the worldwide pandemic has left us all shaken and very much scared. We all have been locked up in our own houses, unable to step out even for our basic needs. And as we spend more time in our house than ever, we need maximum comfort to live conveniently. If you are having troubles with your AC, search for AC installation near me or AC tune-up near me, and have your AC serviced with the help of professionals who guarantee you 100% safety.

Many of you will be having doubts when it comes to using the air conditioner in this pandemic. There is this persistent doubt among the public – what is the optimal temperature in which you should set your air conditioning system this summer to avoid any health issues? We have the answer to your doubts.

Optimal AC Temperature During COVID-19 Pandemic

When the humidity and the temperatures are high, there is a high chance of some sort of health risk for anyone. Even over-sweating could lead to dehydration and consequently to some other bigger risk. This is why everyone should be aware of the right temperature in which their AC should be set this summer. If you start facing any issues with your old AC, you can look for an AC replacement near me and resolve your issues.

Some important guidelines to be followed while using your air conditioner this summer

  • The temperature of your AC should be regulated between 24°C – 30°C. 24 can be maintained in humid weather and 30 in dry conditions.
  • Ensure that the humidity in your house is always maintained above 40%. It is for the best if the humidity is maintained between 40%-70% all the time.
  • In dry weather conditions, make sure that the relative humidity always stays above 40%
  • If you feel the humidity drops below 40%, you can place a pan full of water. This will evaporate due to the heat and increase the humidity of your house.
  • Maximize ventilation. If possible, keep your windows and doors open at least to some extent while your air conditioning system is running.
  • When your air conditioner is not operated, ventilate your house as much as possible.
  • Clean your AC’s air filters frequently. This will keep the air from the air conditioner clean and healthy.

In Case of Repairs…

If you face any kind of difficulties with your air conditioning system, make sure that you contact only authorized or licensed professionals. This way, you can be assured of maximum safety when it comes to distancing and protective measures. You can look for “AC tune-up near me” and find a registered professional who will help you with your problems with the air conditioner.
We can help you with your AC services and repairs. To get the best air conditioner services, look for Dirks Heating & Cooling or call us at (715)-537-3990.

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