The Cost Of Replacing An AC Contactor

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The Cost Of Replacing An AC Contactor

A contactor is an essential part of your air conditioning unit. It is a switch located in the outdoor part of the air conditioning unit. This “switch” comprises a control coil, one or more sets of electrical contacts, and a metal plunger. This switch turns the unit on and off as required to keep your home at the desired temperature.

If your contactor breaks down, it might need a repair or a complete replacement. Both of these services can be provided by any AC repair near you. The service may be a bit costly, but it’s worth the investment as a well-functioning contactor is essential to keep the air conditioning unit running well.

  • How much does it cost to replace a contactor?

When a contactor breaks down, it affects the functioning of the entire air conditioning system. However, fortunately, it can be easily replaced. Companies that provide HVAC services can replace your contactor for you without much trouble. The cost of replacing the contactor can be anywhere between $100 to $400 dollars depending on the quality of the contactor.

  • What does a contactor do?

An air conditioner’s contactor works to keep power flowing to the most important parts of your air conditioner. Its proper functioning is essential to keep your air conditioning running smoothly.

Contactors are usually of two different types: single pole and double pole. A single-pole contactor consists of one magnetic coil which connects one circuit. A double pole has two could and connects two circuits instead of just one. Regardless of which type of contactor you own, it is important to care for it. When a contactor breaks down, it affects the functioning of the entire air conditioning system.

  • How to know if your contactor needs to be replaced

The important question is, how would you know that your contactor is in dire need of replacement. A good contactor can last for almost ten or so years if it receives regular and annual maintenance.

Sometimes, a contactor may simply have to be repaired. For smaller issues, a repair can do the trick. However, if your air conditioner is older or if the issue is more complicated, then it may be ideal for replacing the contactor. Any technician from an AC repair service near you can tell you whether it needs to be replaced or not.

When a contactor isn’t working properly, you may hear a loud “chattering” noise coming from the exterior condenser unit. This noise can be indicative of the fact that the contactor has to be replaced.

If there is no such noise, there is another way to understand if your contactor needs to be replaced. This, however, is done by a professional. They use a multi-meter device to measure the flow of electricity.

  • What happens when the contactor doesn’t work

When your contactor doesn’t function properly, it’s a big hassle for the homeowner. The air conditioning unit is not able to cool the home anymore. Moreover, it continues to run even when the thermostat is turned off. Since the contactor is responsible for directing the electricity to all the parts of the air conditioning unit, when it doesn’t function, the entire unit breaks down.

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