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Radiant Floors in Barron, St. Croix, Cumberland, Rice Lake, WI, and Surrounding Areas

Radiant FloorsRadiant In-floor Heating is considered by many the most comfortable type of heat available. By gently heating the surface of the objects in the room, the temperature variations surrounding the occupants are minimal. And whether stepping out of bed, bath or shower, the immediate sensation of the cozy warm floor on bare feet is very appealing. Radiant floors are a great option for those with hard wood floors!

Along with the sheer comfort of in-floor heating, there are other benefits as well, particularly when compared to forced air heating systems which are prominent in our region.

  1. Ultra-Quiet – Customers often comment on how quiet the system is. In a properly designed system, the gas burner on the boiler is the main source of any detectable noise and is restricted to the utility room away from living spaces.
  2. Clean Air – No allergens are being stirred up. Many people sensitive to air-born allergens find that the imperceptible gentle air circulation helps avoid stirring up the aggravating air-born particles associated with forced air systems.
  3. Out of Sight – With no need for supply and return grills to deliver and return air, you don’t have to compromise the natural aesthetics of the room. Nor do you need to rearrange furniture or curtains to accommodate sufficient air-flow.
  4. Energy Savings – With no wasted energy through ductwork leakage. By not leaking conditioned air into unoccupied space, savings can be 10 – 20 %. And with the gradual heating of objects in the room, most people find a temperature setting of 4-5 degrees less than a comparable forced air system is common.

Other considerations include the extra initial cost of installation. Also, with the need to build it into the floor materials, in-floor heating is more common during remodels, new additions, or newly constructed homes. And finally, it is generally a slower response time when substantially changing the room(s) temperature. Give us a call and talk with our home comfort experts. You will get the answers you need to make an informed decision on whether radiant in-floor heating is right for you.

Our Radiant Floors Services Includes:

  • Radiant Floor Heat Service
  • Radiant Floor Heat Repair
  • Radiant Floor Heat Installation
  • Radiant Floor Heat Replacement
  • Radiant Floor Heat Tune Up
  • Radiant Floor Heat Maintenance

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