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Heating Tune Up in Barron, St. Croix, Cumberland, Rice Lake, WI, and Surrounding Areas

What carries a family through the winter season? Some homeowners would say the flat-screen TV and NFL season; others would say Christmas carols and the radio, and others the oven and delicious food.

What many miss, however, is the heating system that keeps the family warm and together during these chilly times. The worst thing next to a tornado wiping your house is your heating system collapsing during winter.

Heating Tune-Up Services

Our family of professionals at Dirk Heating and Cooling has spent the last 22 years building experience that enables us to tune and maintain any heating system to suit your unique needs. We utilize proven heater maintenance techniques to optimize your comfort and seasonal performance. Our tune-up services are comprehensive and all-inclusive, providing your system with the professional care it needs.

Benefits of Heating Tune-Up Services

Some of the benefits of routine maintenance include:

1. Saves Electricity Cost

You may not realize it, but heating your home makes up half of your electricity bill. That’s a lot of money during these challenging times and is even more if your heating system has a malfunction. A heating tune-up will clear all the filters in your system and have your furnace running at peak efficiency.

2. Keeps Your Family Safe

A malfunctioning heating system is more of a health hazard than you may think. A small leak is enough to leak dangerous gases like carbon monoxide to your home. A carbon monoxide leak may not only lead to health complications, but also fatalities.

3. Secures Your Comfort 

The primary reason why you purchased your heating system is to provide comfort to your family. Nobody wants to walk back home to a family that is as gloomy as the weather outside. A heater tune-up ensures that there is enough airflow and efficient heating to keep your family happy and warm.

4. Maintains Your Warranty

A heating tune-up here in Barron, WI, is one of the few ways to secure your warranty. With regular maintenance for your HVAC system, you can have your warranty on for the entire lifetime of your furnace. A Heating system that is not regularly maintained will void your warranty.

Choose Gird’s Heating and Cooling for Your Barron Home Heating Tune-Up

You will never go wrong with tuning up your heating system before winter. For more information about heating tune-ups in Barron WI, St. Croix, reach out to Dirks Heating and Cooling Inc. Feel free to contact us today  or call us on (855) 463-4757, and we will be more than willing to help.

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