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Stop These Three Contaminants in Their Tracks

Are you a horror movie aficionado? Or perhaps you’re more of a suspense-thriller kind of person? Those movies have a general trend of some kind of monster chasing after a core group of characters as they try to escape or uncover the plot. It’s a formula at this point, but it definitely works.

Similarly, contaminants are a type of monster that lives in your air. The more contaminants there are, the sicker and more uncomfortable you might get.

Sure, they might not look scary (in fact, you can’t see them at all), but that makes them even more frightening. A virus or bacteriophage floating around in the air can be a serious problem, even if it’s invisible to the naked eye.

Well, like a protagonist in a horror movie, it’s time to escape and figure out a plan to beat the monster. One of those ways is with air purifier service in Barron, WI. Get your old air purifier fixed or replaced, and watch those contaminants get eliminated!

Viruses Are Everywhere

The first and most commonly known biological contaminant inside of a home is a virus. These things can range from the common cold (Rhinovirus) to the Flu and even COVID-19. Viruses are usually transmitted through fluids or the air, and that means every time someone sneezes or coughs, a virus could be sent through the atmosphere of your home and transferred to you.

Homes without a properly functioning air purifier will likely have more sick people in it, or at least sicknesses that last longer. This means more sneezing, coughing, and a general sense of uncomfortableness.

A UV air purifier will stop viruses in their tracks by inhibiting their ability to reproduce, essentially rendering them harmless!

Bacteria: A Resilient Enemy

Why is washing your hands such an important part of cooking and cleaning? That can be answered with one word–bacteria. Bacteria exists everywhere, even inside of you! But a lot of bacteria can cause infections and make you sick. Any time a sickness isn’t related to a virus, it’s likely related to a bacterial infection instead.

Bacteria is resilient. It survives outside on its own and it will try as hard as it can to resist normal cleaning methods. Some bacteria can even be resistant to antibiotics!

A UV air purifier, on the other hand, uses ultraviolet radiation to eliminate bacteriophages and make them easy to clean up.

Don’t Forget About Mold Spores!

The other major biological contaminant to be concerned with is mold. Mold reproduces by ejecting spores which can create their own colony or infect living creatures. This is why your nose might start to bother you after cleaning up mold in a certain area. Those mold spores can get in your body and make you sick.

Mold is also affected by UV light in air purifier systems. You can add mold to the list of contaminants that your air purifier will help eliminate.

It’s time to take charge! You don’t have to be afraid of this horror monster. With an air purifier at your side, those contaminants will be afraid of you!

Contact Dirks Heating & Cooling Inc to have your air purifier fixed and ready to protect your home. Experience the Dirks Difference. 

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