What Happens If My Air Conditioner’s Capacitor Goes Bad?

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What Happens If My Air Conditioner’s Capacitor Goes Bad?

A capacitor is one of the most essential components of your air conditioning unit. This capacitor is attached to the motor and performs the task of voltage stabilization.

In your air conditioner, the capacitors are connected to the compressor motor, the outdoor fan, and the blower motor. You should be quick to call for ac tune-up near me when the capacitor gets damaged, as it can affect several components of your unit.

Failing capacitors is one of the many common problems in air conditioners. However, if you find the problem in the early stages, you can just have an ac replacement nearby service and replace the capacitor before the problem escalates.

Problems With Bad Air Conditioning Capacitor

  • Hard Starting

When your air conditioner’s capacitor gets damaged, it can cause a hard start. This phenomenon is described as your air conditioner not being able to start up. It then stutters to try and turn on, only to shut down after a while.

When your compressor reaches the end of its life, you can find this problem in your unit. It is not easy for you to diagnose this problem yourself. Contact any ac installation service near me to have an expert help you with the issue.

  • Motor Problems

We know that the capacitor is connected to the motor of the air conditioner. When the motor is connected to the run and start capacitors which are failed, it still attempts to start working. As a result, you will have a motor, that hums and shuts down immediately.

If this problem is left unattended, then the motor will continue to start and stop. As a result, it gets hit and eventually burns out, leading to much bigger problems. If you listen to humming sounds from the motor or find it not being able to turn on, stop using the device immediately and call for help.

  • Noises From The Unit

When the capacitor starts to wear out, it will make clicking noises. These are a clear indication that either the capacitor or the fan is damaged.

However, noises from the unit just when you start and stop the device are common, but when these noises continue even after a while when the unit is running, there is a problem. Sometimes the blower fan may be broken inside the unit, which causes these sounds.

In many cases, when the capacitor has gotten damaged, the only repair suggested is a replacement of the unit. You can leave it in the hands of the experts as it is tricky to do it yourself.

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