A helpful checklist for deciding what’s important to you when choosing a HVAC contractor. HVAC Contractor in WI – How to Choose

Evaluating and Choosing Contractors Isn’t Easy!

If you are like most people, you have very little experience choosing the right contractor to install your new HVAC system. In fact, the average American does it only once or twice in a lifetime. Yet the right choice can and does make all the difference between getting the most reliable, comfortable, and efficient system for your money or getting stuck with a system and a contractor that you regret for many years to come.

Questions you may want to ask – HVAC Contractor in WI – How to Choose

Below is a list, of questions you may want to ask yourself (or your contractor) when you are trying to make a selection. It was compiled from industry experts including the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA),

  • Did the contractor ask good questions and listen to your needs?
  • Did the contractor run a heat load/heat gain calculation to insure proper sizing, maximum energy efficiency and the most dependable long-term performance of your new equipment?
  • Will the contractor perform the work themselves or do they subcontract, making it difficult to resolve issues should any arise?
  • Is the contractor complying with state and local codes to help insure the safety of you and your family?
  • Is the contractor licensed, bonded and adequately insured for this type of work to cover your losses should something go wrong during or after installation?
  • Is the contractor in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Does the contractor have proper staff to offer legitimate 24 hour emergency service?
  • Does the contractor have a properly stocked warehouse of repair parts to service your equipment after hours or weekends if needed?
  • Was the contractor able to give you a professional proposal at the time of the first visit or were you required to wait until it was convenient for them?
  • Does the contractor conduct a detailed final inspection checklist and offer to get you totally familiar with how to get the most out of your new equipment?
  • Is the contractor financially responsible? Do their vehicles and equipment reflect the longevity required to deliver quality service for the life of your new system?
  • Does the contractor drug test and background check its technicians and installers to assure the trust worthiness of its workers entering your home?
  • Does the contractor offer a maintenance agreement to insure the manufacturer’s warrantee requirements and hold your long-term energy and repair costs to a minimum?
  • Is the contractor knowledgeable and offer solutions to any Indoor Air Quality or air-flow issues you or your family may be experiencing?

Making the Decision – HVAC Contractor in WI – How to Choose

Based on the questions listed above, it is easy to see why selecting a contractor involves much more than simply purchasing equipment. The dealer that best answers your concerns from this list will likely be with the one you feel most comfortable with. Trust your instincts – You are making a decision that will last for many years to come.

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