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heat up wisconsin

On two weekends in October of 2010, Dirks, their employees, and Lennox donated their time and equipment to help out two households in need. Through many area media outlets, Lennox encouraged stories to be submitted by anyone who knew of a situation of a family in need. The program is called “ Heat Up Wisconsin ” and the goal was to select one home from each county across Wisconsin. Dirks got behind the program and offered their support in two counties. The two recipients for the program were: Scott Zeien- Trego, Wi. And Tom & Judy Johnson – Chetek, WI. Dennis Dirks, the president, says, “Both recipients were very thankful. We are especially appreciative of our employees donating their personal time on a weekend to help these folks out. I think it says a lot about the character and generosity of the people we have on staff. We are very proud of them”

We are proud to have joined in on Heat Up Wisconsin, to help those in need. To find out how you can also help those in need contact Dirks Heating & Cooling today!

heat up wisconsin

Above: Recipient Judy Johnson and Dirks volunteer Evan Koehn

heat up wisconsin

Above: Recipient Scott Ziein

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