Q: What’s included in a Furnace Tune-up and Safety Inspection?

A: Our Service technicians will carry out the most extensive checklist we are aware of being available from any HVAC competitors in our service area. We are consistently are called on to perform repairs that were totally avoidable with even just a minimal cleaning and tune-up effort by our predecessors. The so-called “discount tune-ups” are one of the best sources of new customers for us.

Below is a partial list of things done in an Furnace Tune-up and Safety Inspection just some of the tasks included:

  • Check carbon monoxide emission
  • Check gas valve, lines and connections for leaks
  • Check burners and heat exchangers
  • Inspect visible ductwork and chimney/flue pipe for leaks
  • Check unit for peak efficiency (adjust if necessary)
  • Inspect and clean indoor blower wheel and motor and record amp draw
  • Inspect crankcase heater
  • Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect
  • Inspect ignition system and assembly
  • Check and calibrate thermostat

Make sure to have a Furnace Tune-up and Safety Inspection.

Our expert technician will help you relax and understand just what deal is with home’s environment. Think of this Furnace Tune-up and Safety Inspection as a smart way to effectively examine the resources that make your home a haven from the elements.

Our detailed visual furnace and air conditioning analysis locates any potential furnace, air conditioner and air quality issues and needed HVAC repairs or risks. Best of all, our experts will tell if Old Faithful – or whatever name you give your heating or cooling system – deserves repairs, needs maintenance or replacement. Allergy sufferers could also greatly benefit from the professional air quality assessment we include in this low-cost service. Remember, you have a right to live well.